Job Search Tips

A Simple Thank You

By Gregg Podolski Vice President, Direct Hire Division at Emerson Group Thanksgiving really is a forgotten holiday. Sandwiched between the commercial juggernauts of Halloween and Christmas, Turkey Day… Continue Reading


By Judey Napoli For all the bright professionals coming into the workforce, here are some before and after interview tips!   There was a shampoo commercial back many moons ago and their slogan was “you… Continue Reading

Communication Is a Two-Way Street

By Gregg Podolski, Direct Hire Manager Is there anything more frustrating than someone who won’t get back to you? Whether it’s the plumber you’re trying to schedule an appointment with, your friend… Continue Reading

4 Things to Know When Changing Careers

by Gregg Podolski, Direct Hire Manager I’ve had a lot of candidates lately tell me that they’re looking to change careers and asked for my advice on how to do so. Okay, here are 4 things to keep in… Continue Reading

Are You Prepared for an Interview?

Are You Prepared for an Interview?Presented by Dynamic Résumés What have you done to get ready for interviews? If your answer is focused… Continue Reading

Are you Tapping into the Hidden Job Market? Presented by Dynamic Resumes

Presented by Dynamic Résumés What on earth is the “Hidden Job Market?!” Put simply, it is all the jobs “out there” that are not currently being advertised. There are ALWAYS jobs that are not… Continue Reading

What Should I Talk About in an Interview? By John Baldino, MSHRD SPHR

What Should I Talk About in an Interview? By John Baldino, MSHRD SPHR For many candidates, the stress of being wanted by an employer is exhausting.  We tweak our resumes, scour the internet for every… Continue Reading

Should I go on an Interview even if I’m not interested?

presented by Dynamic Résumés So here is a question I get asked a lot from job seekers: Should I go on an interview even if I’m not interested… Continue Reading

Top 5 Notes From A Career Workshop

On June 28th, I had the privilege of being part of a panel at the Katz JCC in Cherry Hill. The topic was Employment Coaching and the ever-popular how to succeed in today’s job market, but it quickly… Continue Reading

Job Search Tip of the Month: Use the summer to get your “mojo” back!

presented by Dynamic Résumés We are heading into summer when people here are the east coast are excited about sunny weather, getting in shape for… Continue Reading