The Direct Hire Division handles those opportunities that are not temporary or contract in nature. In other words, a candidate we place in this type of role is a member of the organization from day one—with no temporary or trial period required.

Whether it’s due to lack of time, the need for the search to remain confidential, or simply an inability to find qualified candidates in a difficult market, our client companies routinely engage us to help fill permanent positions on their staff.

In these types of searches, Emerson Group recruiters act as an extension of the company’s internal recruitment team: sourcing candidates, interviewing them, and assisting with every step of the hiring process through the offer and start date.

We Make Your Search Easier

We take a stressful, time-consuming process for both sides and make it easier. Whether it’s an entry-level role or an executive in the C-Suite, the Emerson Group Direct Hire Division is here to help!