Job Search Tip of the Month: Use the summer to get your “mojo” back!

presented by Dynamic Résumés

We are heading into summer when people here are the east coast are excited about sunny weather, getting in shape for beach, doing fun things with more daylight hours, and just plain feeling good. For job seekers, there is MORE good news – opportunities are on the rise! In addition, as the tide is turning in the economy, employers are being advised to focus on ways to attract and retain good people. So they are looking to make you happy, and this is really something to get excited about.

If you have been a little nervous about the job front, rest assured that recruiters like Emerson are seeing a lot of activity from companies who are hiring now.  Summer can be the perfect time for you to focus energy on increasing your confidence so that enthusiasm comes through during an interview.  Employers like to see passion, confidence, and a positive attitude in new hires. Do you feel like you can use a boost to get  your “mojo” back? Here are a few ideas to help:

  • Take a course to increase your knowledge or skills
  • Learn something new – just for fun
  • Read industry magazines to keep up in your field
  • Read books that are in the “Top Ten”
  • Get involved in more fitness activities
  • Spend time concentrated on your family
  • Change your hair style
  • Attack something that you’ve been wanting to clean up at home
  • Think of some ideas to add to this list!

Taking a step back and going forward full-speed ahead with some new activities and goals over the summer can help you gain more confidence and exude enthusiasm on interviews.  Give yourself time to do this. I believe that once you do, you will invigorate your job search and convey the passion that is sure to be felt by employers to earn job offers. So, how do you plan to get your mojo back?


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