In keeping with our Core Purpose of helping others become more successful, below are some of our Preferred Partners we’d personally refer and who we feel align with our Core Purpose and Values.

Career and Job Skills Training Provider

Jonathan Lane

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Rutgers has developed a portfolio of programs that can enhance your workforce skills to increase your marketability to potential employers and exhibit your commitment to a growth mindset.  The flexible, short-duration, skills-based certificates from Professional and Continuing Education at Rutgers can enhance your current resume and can be obtained on a schedule that works with your current personal and work schedules. To ensure that you reach your  goals for taking the training, you will work-one-on-one with a Personal Learning Coach – the learning equivalent of a Personal Trainer – who will provide you subject matter and career support as you complete your program.

*As a preferred partner of Rutgers University, we are able to offer a 10% discount on most programs in their catalog.  Please be sure to mention this when you contact Rutgers to discuss what program will provide you the best upskill, reskill, or new skill advantages to support your job search and career development.

Showcase your newly acquired skills on your resume – and your Certificate from Rutgers – a trusted public institution that has been serving learners and the workforce for over 250 years.

Managing Partner

Marci Caudle

TAGRO Solutions

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Whether you have an established team or are just starting out, it is incredibly important to have proper guidance when it comes to your most important asset…your people.

TAGRO is a full-service human capital advisory company with over 50 years combined experience in building and developing in-house talent teams of all shapes and sizes. Our current climate requires productive internal teams and strategic thinking along with efficient company-wide talent identification, evaluation, hiring and retention practices. We will work with you to identify and understand your pain points and then create customized solutions that will allow you to get the most from your talent acquisition department.

Our Services
Talent Acquisition isn’t just a paper-pushing HR function. It’s everyone’s job. It’s finding the best people for the right roles at the perfect time and supporting their growth along their entire employment journey. That means ensuring you have the right team, tools and techniques in place to maximize your efficiency.  When you make talent acquisition an integral part of your strategy, you unleash boundless potential for your company’s success.  At TAGRO, we will help you to evaluate your TEAM, TOOLS and TECHNIQUES through all stages of the candidate and employee lifecycle.  Click here for our full services.


At TAGRO, we provide customized solutions to optimize your organization’s talent acquisition, retention, and growth strategy. We are process optimizers, talent strategists and team builders.