Use our Job Tools Portal to guide you in your job search.

While we strive to find employment for every person who seeks our help, the reality is that simply isn’t possible. There will always be strong, qualified professionals who are not a match for the positions we have open at the time.  For those candidates, as well as anyone else who can benefit from it, Emerson Group is proud to offer our JOB TOOLS PORTAL.  This comprehensive site provides job seekers with an array of resources to assist with their career search including:

  • Access to over 1,000 job boards (in addition to Emerson’s) on ONE site
  • FREE assessment tools
  • A FREE resume builder and career advisor
  • Information on educational opportunities
  • FREE weekly teleconference calls on job search “Hot Topics’’
  • A resource library filled with audios, videos and articles
  • Access to 100 FREE resume cards for networking

To register for our JOB TOOLS PORTAL, click here. Please note, this registers you for the JOB TOOLS PORTAL ONLY.

Our intention is to offer you a site that will function as your lifetime career resource. We will continue to add new tools and resources that will benefit you. Click here to register for the JOB TOOLS PORTAL only and let us begin to help you with enhancing your career tools, skills, and search.