By Judey Napoli

For all the bright professionals coming into the workforce, here are some before and after interview tips!  

There was a shampoo commercial back many moons ago and their slogan was “you never have a second chance to make a first impression!” That is something that stuck with me throughout the years.  I repeat that to my employees interviewing at a client company almost on a daily basis.  It will raise an eyebrow or get a head nod!  Here are some other important tips I have shared throughout my years as a recruiter.

Few days before the interview:

  • Always take a dry run to your interview location. Make sure you know exactly where you are going for that important day!
  • Try on your suit or suits at least the night before. Make sure everything matches, including your accessories and shoes. Lay it out and don’t deviate the next morning! Always think about button down shirts ladies, is it comfortable? Will you be worried about button gaping? Think about little to no perfume too!
  • Print your resumes prior to your interview. Never wait for that morning, you may find you are out of ink or for some reason your printer is not working.
  • Research the company. Look at your interviewers on LinkedIn. Now make sure you have your own list of questions to ask the interviewer. Being engaged is extremely important!

It’s interview day:

  • You are dressed with portfolio of resumes and pen in hand. You know where you are going and you have arrived 15 minutes early! TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE!
  • It’s best to park further from the building, this will give you a few opportunities to be completely ready! Ladies, first check yourself in the mirror, make sure your hair and makeup are good! No lipstick on teeth? No running mascara? Men, make sure your tie is straight and your hair is secured.
  • Another reason to park further out is walking helps you get the jitters out! Researchers led by Mark Krasnow, a professor of biochemistry at Stanford University, describe why deep breathing, including the breath-focus of meditation, can induce calm and tranquility. Breath in and out strong once you get out of the car and then normal breathing as you get closer to the door.

Lastly, once you meet your Interviewer:

  • A firm handshake is a MUST with a good eye contact! Two very important things that can sometimes make or break it!
  • Always stand when someone new walks in the room and shake their hand. Let them sit before you do!
  • When leaving thank your interviewer and another strong handshake with eye contact. Smile, it’s contagious! Silence while walking out to the hall with him/her is not bad. Don’t feel the need to talk.
  • Walk back to your car, without being on your phone. Stand tall and confident until you get in your car.  It’s over, deep breath!

After the Interview always send a thank you!


Judey Napoli is Emerson Group’s Recruiter in the Temporary Division.  Judey enjoys the fast pace and working on positions in all industries including Executive Assistants, HR, Client Service and Accounting.


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