Job Search Tips

Four FREE Resources To Keep Your Admin Skills Current

Whether you are currently working or job seeking, it is important to keep your skills sharp. Now more than ever, you need to distinguish yourself from others in the applicant pool. The links in this article… Continue Reading

Why is my résumé not selling me? Part 4 of 4

presented by Dynamic Resumes  1 – Not showcasing you are at the top of your game 2 – Having too much info / not targeted 3 – Having one résumé… Continue Reading

Why is my résumé not selling me? Part 2 of 4

In part 1, we addressed item 1 above (that makes sense!) and in this issue, we will look at “Having too much information.” Continue Reading

How’s Your Grammar And Who Cares?

Grammar is for elementary school kids, isn’t it? How about word comprehension? How about slang? There are a lot of frequently confused words out there that project messages to others when they are misused… Continue Reading

Have You “Googled” Yourself? Employers Are!

What do you find when you “Google” your name? Is this what you would want a potential employer to see? Because like it or not, employers and recruiters are checking you out. Continue Reading

Are You “Overqualified” or “Fully Qualified”?

presented by Dynamic Resumes Have you ever been told that you are “overqualified” for a position? What does this really mean? You know you can do the job, you are willing… Continue Reading