Are You Prepared for an Interview?

Are You Prepared for an Interview?Presented by Dynamic Résumés

What have you done to get ready for interviews? If your answer is focused only on the new interview suit that you bought…then you still have some work to do! It’s a competitive world out there as you know…lots of candidates can “look good” but potential employers are looking for evidence that you ARE good.  So…how to impress them? Try following these suggestions:

  • Company research – do your homework to learn all you can about the company. Look for opportunities during the interview to bring up something that you discovered about them. You can develop some questions about the business from your research as well.
  • Know Thyself – go through your resume to be sure you can answer questions about specific items on the resume. Think about accomplishments you may be proud of, anything you may have initiated or improved, and any impact that you had to your organization.
  • Bring your stuff – remember to bring clean copies of your resume, references and their phone numbers (best if already typed up), and anything impressive that you might want to show off (a performance appraisal, an award, etc.)
  • Be on time – arrive 15 minutes prior to an interview. There is usually some paperwork to complete upon arrival, plus it never hurts to have a couple of extra minutes in case you run into a snarl on the way over.
  • Check your nonverbals –  wear a smile, maintain a positive demeanor, use good eye contact, shake hands firmly with those you are introduced to, and watch out for nervous habits.
  • The new suit? –  yes, of course you do need to look nice, but it doesn’t have to be “new”. You certainly need to look professional, clean, and neat. Do your homework on the environment you will interview in……..the general rule is to dress a step above what you would wear daily if you got the job.  Best to avoid perfumes as many people have allergies these days. Keep jewelry to a minimum (no jangling or noisy bracelets.)
  • End with a thank you – thank the interviewer for their time and convey your enthusiasm for the job. Ask for a business card. Then go home and write a nice thank you note right away.Wishing you the best of success!
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