Why is my résumé not selling me? Part 2 of 4

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1 – Not showcasing you are at the top of your game

2 – Having too much info / not targeted

3 – Having one résumé fits all but it really doesn’t

4 – Info should be separated into an addendum or executive summary page

Here is part 2 of our 4-part series focusing on: “Why did I not get the interview for that position?… I would be perfect for it?” In part 1, we addressed item 1 above (that makes sense!) and in this issue, we will look at “Having too much information.”

To start, let’s look at this opening profile in one job seeker’s résumé. He states:

“Creative, motivated professional with a background in legal, financial, sales, marketing and more importantly management. Effective organization and communication skills developed through extensive client management experience.”

This client says SO much that I really have no clue what this person’s expertise is nor what he is looking for (do you??). Recruiters do not want to figure out what you want or whether you have the right experience. They want you to point it out to them. This is a real problem as it is not uncommon for people to have multiple areas of experience if they have held jobs in several arenas. For example, perhaps a bookkeeper for a small firm works in a fitness center part-time. Or maybe an executive assistant has held positions in marketing. In these situations, the job seeker may appear unfocused. And in that case, we know where the résumé will end up, right?

So what should you do with so much information? First, provide focus to the résumé with a clear objective. Second, support that objective with a strong summary spelling out how you qualify. Then be sure your experience section emphasizes those skills and experiences. Streamline irrelevant information so that the recruiter is not confused by what they see. Be sure to show your value related to the objective. These steps will help produce a targeted résumé and increase your odds of getting results!

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