Why is my résumé not selling me? Part 4 of 4

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 1 – Not showcasing you are at the top of your game

2 – Having too much info / not targeted

3Having one résumé fits all but it really doesn’t 

4 – Info should be separated into an addendum or executive summary page

 Here is part 4 of our 4-part series focusing on: “Why did I not get the interview for that position? I would be perfect for it?”  In this issue, we will look at issues related to extraneous information.

 There is a tendency for job seekers to want to put EVERYTHING they have done on the job in the résumé. This is not good for several reasons – it make for an overcrowded résumé ,  recruiters are not going to read every detail – they are skimming for key qualifications to show that you have the right background; they skim for red flags, and they seek to understand your major accomplishments as related to the job. Too much info can prevent the recruiter from really understanding your strengths and your potential value to the organization. And, they may miss the more important pieces that you want them to notice.

  •  Do you have too much detail? then take a hard look at the résumé  to streamline for major responsibilities and key contributions
  • Do you have long lists of credentials, publications, speaking engagements? You may be better serviced by listing these on a separate “Addendum” page; on the résumé  itself, you could say “See Addendum for detailed listing of publications”
  • Is some of your earlier career history relevant to the job and you want to position it more prominently? Perhaps you should consider an “Executive Summary Page” with a strong profile related to this objective and include a highlighted section from your earlier career, followed by the “regular” résumé.

Hope these ideas are helpful! Wishing you the best of success!

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