Is it Time for you to Evaluate Your Hiring Process?

Is it time for you to evaluate your hiring process?

In an effort for continuous improvement, it is common practice for companies to examine their policies, procedures, and processes on a consistent basis. As the economy continues to improve and the war for talent heats up, now may be a good time for you to evaluate your company’s hiring process. The job market landscape is changing at a rapid pace, so having up to date hiring practices is critical to compete for the area’s top talent.

Typically, there is uniqueness to each hiring process. You certainly do not want to be robotic in your approach and you should always try and separate your company and/or department from the competition. Here are some points to consider as you look to add to your team:

Candidate Sourcing: There are many different avenues to source candidates; job boards, staffing & recruiting firms, networking, social media, industry associations and others. What works best for you? Where have your best hires come from? Which sources result in a rapid hiring process? Once you have narrowed it down, put the majority of your time and effort into these activities. If your sourcing procedure is not generating any positive results, it is most likely antiquated. Research the most recent search and networking tools available and make some changes!
Initial Screening: Identify the few ‘must haves’ and then think outside the box. Be careful of having the ‘ideal candidate’ mindset too early in the process. Know the intangibles you are looking for and seek candidates that have a proven track record of success…no matter what their experience looks like. If your initial focus is too narrow, you will miss out on some exceptional candidates.
Interview Process: Top talent is being hired fast! Where can you expedite your current process, so you do not lose out on a great hire? In this current job market, the best candidates are getting multiple offers. They will not sit around and wait if your process is a lengthy one. Other questions to consider…are you selling your company to potential candidates? Why would they want to work for your company? Is each person involved in the interview process sufficiently prepared for every interview? Is the communication strong between all involved?
Decision Process: Again, do not delay. If you have a candidate that everyone feels good about and believes they will be successful, make an offer! Do not fall into the trap of thinking there may be someone better out there. If this is the case then you are probably not serious about hiring and have wasted a lot of time.
Offer Process: Know the market value for each candidate and make a fair offer based on their education and experience. The goal is to settle on a compensation package that the candidate and company are both excited about, one where the candidate does not feel it is too little and the company does not feel it is too much. This is the first step in the on-boarding process so you want it to be positive.
On-boarding: Have a plan and execute it! Every hour of every day should be mapped out for the period of time you feel it will be necessary for them to adjust to the new work environment. Do not try and figure it out along the way. Make them feel welcomed and instantly a part of the team.

Hopefully some of these suggestions are helpful and can make a positive difference for you and your company. Above all, please keep two words in mind when you are considering your next recruitment process… urgency and sincerity! If these two things do not exist amongst EVERYONE involved, do not even begin the process.

Happy Hiring!

Bill Emerson

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