Kate Sigman

LinkedIn Operations Assistant

Kate thoroughly enjoys her role as a Payroll Administrator, finding fulfillment in the precision and organization it demands, while also allowing her to contribute to the well-being of her colleagues.

She obtained her Associates Degree in Fine Art from Gloucester County College in 2003. In 2018 she obtained certification as a Predictive Index Practitioner. With a past background in the medical field as a medical receptionist, she discovered her passion for assisting others, making her transition to Emerson back in 2015┬áseamless due to her existing love for helping people. The values upheld by Emerson, including honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, and care for others, align perfectly with Kate’s personal beliefs.

Kate has been a sports enthusiast since childhood, particularly enjoying following Philadelphia teams and soccer. During her leisure time, she relishes spending quality moments with her husband and son, as well as with her extended family and friends. She indulges in her artistic pursuits, such as pottery and charcoal drawings, whenever possible, alongside her interests in reading, exercising, and traveling.

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