Karen Miller

LinkedIn Marketing Manager

Joining our team in 2010, Karen brings years of experience in sales, marketing and administration.  She also has prior tenure as one of our contract employees, which she feels gives her a valuable  perspective, enriching her interactions with both candidates and clients.

Karen thrives on the creative aspects of her role, from crafting marketing campaigns, magazine ads, maintaining a dynamic presence across our social media platforms, creating videos and daily job postings.

Beyond her marketing duties, she also plans HR Credited seminars and plays a pivotal role in supporting the president.  Karen enjoy the fast-paced, detail-oriented nature of her multifaceted position.  Aligned with Emerson’s Core Purpose of “doing the right thing with unmatched communication and commitment,” Karen is dedicated to empowering others to achieve success, making her an ideal fit for our team.

Outside of work, Karen finds joy in cooking, spending time with her husband and two children. Karen’s passion for the Philadelphia Phillies runs deep. She fondly recalls the exhilaration of being present at the final game of the 2008 World Series when the Phillies clinched victory at home. Continuing a cherished tradition, Karen took her children to experience the excitement of the Championship parade, mirroring the tradition her father started for her during the Phillies’ 1980 win.  As a true Jersey Girl, she enjoys the shore and spending the day at the beach.

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