Why is my résumé not selling me? Part 3 of 4

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 1 – Not showcasing you are at the top of your game

2 – Having too much info / not targeted

3 – Having one résumé fits all but it really doesn’t 

4 – Info should be separated into an addendum or executive summary page

Here is part 3 of our 4-part series focusing on: “Why did I not get the interview for that position? I would be perfect for it?”  In this issue, we will look at “Having one résumé fits all …but it really doesn’t.” 

 Let’s look at the case of Melanie. Melanie tells me that she has been trying to find a position as an administrative assistant or office assistant but is getting no response. She sends her existing résumé to for a review – the résumé shows a career history of over 10 years experience in interior design for retail chains that offer home and office design. She has a creative eye for functional and attractive room designs, furniture choices, fabrics and more. This is the résumé that she is submitting for administrative positions.  Melanie – what are you thinking? Why would a recruiter feel she is capable as an administrative assistant when there is nothing to indicate any skills or experience?

As I explored her background, it turned out that she had been helping with office needs and administrative support for several small businesses over the last year, on an “as needed basis.” She had abilities as a receptionist, in customer service, with spreadsheets and reports, and as the assistant to owner, who left her in charge of a gift delivery service while away on vacation. .

Melanie’s thought process, though, is not an uncommon. She felt that her résumé was highlighting her career for the reader and that was the honest route to go.  Of course you must be honest in a résumé…that is not the question. The question is how are you qualified for this job opening? And are you enabling the reader to see these qualifications in a clear and powerful way? Job seekers need to think like recruiters. Give them the reasons to want to call you…help them to see what you bring to the table…and let’s get that phone ringing!

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