3 reasons the MLB Draft is like your job search

Summer is here and that means MLB Draft time. Just as exciting as First-Year Player Drafts, are the new crop of college graduates seeking their first ventures into the working world.  Here are three tips to help you make it into the career big leagues.

1.   Think through your options

Eric Hanhold, a 2012 high school graduate, was drafted by the Phillies.  He had already committed to the University of Florida when he heard the draft news. Hanhold, a right-handed pitcher from East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs, Fla., decided to stick with his decision to go to college instead of joining the Phillies at this time. New grads need to think through their options, too. Don’t apply to any and every job you might be qualified for. Think about what direction you want for your career, then design a plan and stay focused on that objective.

2. Stats, Stats, Stats

Most everyone now knows the name Billy Beane and how he changed the management strategy of baseball with his analytical approach. A baseball player’s stats are his resume and they are critical to getting offers. Do you have stats on your resume, or only a list of responsibilities and duties? Hiring managers want to know your stats. How have you saved the company money? How have you made the company money? By what percentage did you improve a process? Your accomplishments are your stats. And your scouts want them. Click here to learn more about how you can highlight your stats on your resume.

3.  Show off your best pitch

Another Phillies draft pick this year is Shane Watson. Watson is known for his highly developed curveball. The Phils need some new pitching talent and that’s why they picked up Watson. What is your best pitch? What talent or skill can you highlight so prospective employers know what you bring to the table?

Here is an exclusive tip for you.  Highly developed skill in Microsoft Excel is the #1 request from our clients in 2012.

Do you have highly developed Excel or other skills? Make sure everyone knows about them. Mention your skills in interviews, add them to your LinkedIn profile, and have samples of your work ready to share! Show off your best pitch!

Posted by Bonnie Jeffers


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