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Emerson Group is thrilled to celebrate 50 years in business! Bill Emerson, second generation owner and president said “To have survived this challenging climate and preserved through past recessions, I can honestly say I’m humbled and grateful.  We value our relationships and truly appreciate any and all trust our clients and candidates have put in our team.”

Bill continually strives to create a work environment that breed’s success and allows people to grow. “Creating an environment that helps both clients and employees reach their personal, professional and financial goals is my number one priority. When this is accomplished, everything else falls into place.” He continues, “Emerson’s foundation is built on honesty, integrity, communication and loyalty. My parents established this 50 years ago and we all still live by it today. Yes, I am biased, but I truly believe the team we have put together is the most talented and professional group in the industry.”

Bill continues, “We have a fantastic team here and that’s really what keeps us going.  One of our employees, Denise Tocco, has been with us for almost 30 years! We have others who have celebrated 20, 15 years and 10 years.  The clients get to know the people here and they know what to expect from Emerson. Our Core Purpose is to help others become more successful and that’s what drives every team member.”

Since 1971, when Skip and Annette Emerson opened the doors, Emerson Group has also operated on a foundation of Core Values that have defined who they are and what they stand for:

Honesty & integrity
Fairness, respect and genuine care for others
Personal touch

Emerson HR Division

To address the growing need, Emerson Group launched a Human Resources division headed by director and recruiter Karmae Cipriotti Fahr.  Karmae, a 30 year veteran in the industry, is also a business consultant and certified leadership coach.  She has been a natural fit with Emerson Group right from the start.

Bill continues, “HR is such an important part of any company and it seems every time you turn around there’s more employment laws and regulations being put into place.  Part of HR is also recruitment and talent management. The people make the company, so the strength you have in the HR division reflects the talent throughout the organization.”

Emerson also provide free HR credited seminars and webinars to help HR professionals with their accreditation.

Different Than the Rest

Emerson works with companies to find candidates for temporary or direct-hire positions in a wide range of fields, including office personnel, administrative staff, customer service, accounting, human resources, sales, marketing and manufacturing/logistics management.

Emerson Group doesn’t just review resumes and try to match them up with the job description, they go above and beyond by getting to know the culture of the companies it partners with, ensuring not only qualified candidates for the positions but those whose goals and objectives align with the organization.

Denise Tocco, Director of the Administration Division, mentioned “Even if we are unable to find suitable employment for an applicant, we still want to help. We will share helpful interview tips or refer them to resources outside of Emerson Group to assist them with advancing their careers.”

Looking Ahead

Vice President of Business Development, Flo Ryan stated “I’m excited for the future of Emerson Group and EmersonHR as we are growing and our stance in the community is strong. Everywhere I go, I run into someone we’ve helped, either themselves or a family or friend.  Our clients are some of the top companies in the Tristate area and we work really hard to keep that relationship strong.” Flo added, “Belonging to many business organizations including various HR organizations, Chambers of Commerce and working with many local charities, we feel very connected to our community. I feel proud and lucky to be employed by Emerson Group and to be part of such an amazing company and team, my only regret is not finding them 20 years sooner! Emerson is a great place to work, no wonder we were one of the Best Places to Work seven consecutive years.”

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