Bill Emerson, Panelist, at Nov 8th GCCC’s Addressing the “People Side” of Your Business: Legal, Recruitment & Retention

Avoid COSTLY issues of the new overtime regulations and the PAIN of recruitment and retention in a tight market!

Are you aware that the average cost of wage and hour litigation for a business is $654,182.00?

Are you aware that the business ramifications of employee turnover cost about one-third of that worker’s annual earnings?

Are you a business owner, an HR professional or someone with similar functional responsibilities? If the answer is YES there is only one place you need to be on November 8th.

We have a stellar panel of experts with Lou Lessig from Brown & Connery, Bill Emerson from Emerson Group, and Malik Bahar from Virtua Health who will bring you the most current information.

Our energetic panel will include discussions related to:

   ●  Wage & hour concerns
   ●  Alterations to overtime regulations
   ●  Up-to-date industry information regarding recruitment & retention in this employee driven market

We are going to examine the latest changes in overtime regulations and discuss the three things every employer needs to do today.

We will also unlock the secrets of team engagement, driving retention and a productive and positive workplace. Everything you want financially can be obtained by identifying, developing and retaining dynamic people. 

Click here for quick video or to register  click here to register on the Gloucester County Chamber’s website.

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