How’s Your Grammar And Who Cares?

Grammar is for elementary school kids, isn’t it? How about word comprehension? How about slang? There are a lot of frequently confused words out there that project messages to others when they are misused.

A Time of Transition

As you can see there is a new face to our president’s corner. For those of you who do not recognize the face, it’s me, Bill Emerson and I will be addressing you in this section of the newsletter moving forward.

Are You “Overqualified” or “Fully Qualified”?

presented by Dynamic Resumes Have you ever been told that you are “overqualified” for a position? What does this really mean? You know you can do the job, you are willing to do it, you’d be the perfect candidate, and the employer is rejecting you because you have what?…too many qualifications?! Seems a little ironic, no? You can help … Read More

February 2010: Joanna Schmidt

Joanna Schmidt registered with us on New Year’s Eve 2009. She was looking for either temporary or permanent office employment. Her skill set was strong and she possessed a very friendly, caring, approachable manner. Because of her personality, we presented Joanna with a 2 to 3 week assignment, which in addition to general administrative duties, involved overseeing two special education … Read More

January 2010: Natala Yorker

We first met Natala in March of 2006.  Natala presented herself in a professional, confident manner and we had no hesitation in sending her out on assignment that very same month.  Our client was so impressed with Natala that they offered her a permanent full time position.  Recently Natala reached out to us again to let us know she was … Read More

Decemeber 2009: Catalina Diaz

Catalina registered with us in October of 2009.  We were very impressed with her professionalism and superb computer skills.  We have since sent Catalina out on three different assignments and our clients have been very pleased.  Catalina also graciously referred her daughter, Jennifer, to us and Jennifer has also done a wonderful job for us. Catalina’s pleasant personality makes her … Read More

Top Five Mistakes Leaders Make in These Troubled Times

By: Eileen McDargh January 21 2009 – Even Joe the Pipefitter must look askance at some of the moves made in corporate America when faced with a string of bad news. (Sorry… I just can’t use “Joe the Plumber”, a guy who didn’t pay his taxes, isn’t certified as a plumber, and has tried to cash in on his 15 … Read More

CEO Corner: Steve Emerson

Well, after a long tough winter (and this is coming from a guy who lived in Alaska for 20 years), spring is here which means it is time for a long-overdue EPG Connection Newsletter. Since it has been a couple of months since our last publication I have a few things that have been rattling around in my brain that … Read More

CEO’s Corner: Steve Emerson

So let’s face it… by almost all accounts 2009 was a very tough business year. When speaking with fellow business owners the conversation is full of stories about layoffs, reduced office square footage, disappearing profit margins and a dramatic lack of business regardless of the industry. Of course, in a sluggish business environment there are always a few niche areas … Read More