Job Hunting During the Holidays?! You bet!

presented by Dynamic Résumés Do you tend to stop all job search activity from Thanksgiving to the New Year? If so, you may be missing out on job opportunities. Many people think that hiring stops during the holiday season, so they halt all searching. While recruiting does tend to slow down during this time, open jobs are out … Read More

How well do you sell your company?

A few weeks ago we were meeting with a client to discuss a candidate of ours that had just completed her final interview for their Director of Customer Service position. They loved her! They were confident that she had the skills, experience and personality to be successful. She was their top candidate and wanted to discuss an offer. Obviously, we … Read More

Should I go on an Interview even if I’m not interested?

presented by Dynamic Résumés So here is a question I get asked a lot from job seekers: Should I go on an interview even if I’m not interested in the job? While you may wonder why someone would consider doing this, the reasons I usually hear from job seekers generally fall into a few categories: “I’m not 100% … Read More

Top 5 Notes From A Career Workshop

On June 28th, I had the privilege of being part of a panel at the Katz JCC in Cherry Hill. The topic was Employment Coaching and the ever-popular how to succeed in today’s job market, but it quickly turned into an open forum, Q/A session. This suited me just fine as I’ve always felt the best way to get something … Read More

Employees of the Month – January to April 2012

Congratulations to all of our Employees of the Month! January 2012 – Joyce Durant February 2012 – Wilma Wallace March 2012 – Alla Loras April 2012 – Tina Sessions The above employees have done an outstanding job representing Emerson Personnel Group. We appreciate all of their dedication, professionalism, and hard work. Congratulations to all!  

Job Search Tip of the Month: Use the summer to get your “mojo” back!

presented by Dynamic Résumés We are heading into summer when people here are the east coast are excited about sunny weather, getting in shape for beach, doing fun things with more daylight hours, and just plain feeling good. For job seekers, there is MORE good news – opportunities are on the rise! In addition, as the tide is … Read More

The War for Top Talent…Don’t be left behind!

As we all know, the last few years have been extremely challenging.  Businesses have had to downsize, right-size, restructure, re-brand, and basically do whatever it takes to survive.  Some made it through and some did not.  The companies that are still standing today, congratulations!  You have managed your way through one of the most difficult economies our country has ever … Read More

3 reasons the MLB Draft is like your job search

Summer is here and that means MLB Draft time. Just as exciting as First-Year Player Drafts, are the new crop of college graduates seeking their first ventures into the working world.  Here are three tips to help you make it into the career big leagues. 1.   Think through your options Eric Hanhold, a 2012 high school graduate, was drafted by … Read More

Job Search Tip of the Month: Has your confidence gone down?

presented by Dynamic Resumes Job Search is often a time of mixed feelings – anxiety, excitement, stress, panic, relief, frustration and more. During a tough economy, many job seekers have been either searching for a long time and / or out of work for a long time, which adds more emotions to the upheaval.  Many job seekers talk … Read More


I hope everyone is off to a successful 2012 and your first quarter goals are within reach.  Before I get to my main topic for this edition of my ‘President’s Corner’, I want to thank everyone again for helping us celebrate Emerson Personnel Group’s 40th Anniversary.  We recognized this achievement throughout 2011 and ended it with a wonderful celebration with … Read More