The War for Top Talent…Don’t be left behind!

As we all know, the last few years have been extremely challenging.  Businesses have had to downsize, right-size, restructure, re-brand, and basically do whatever it takes to survive.  Some made it through and some did not.  The companies that are still standing today, congratulations!  You have managed your way through one of the most difficult economies our country has ever … Read More

3 reasons the MLB Draft is like your job search

Summer is here and that means MLB Draft time. Just as exciting as First-Year Player Drafts, are the new crop of college graduates seeking their first ventures into the working world.  Here are three tips to help you make it into the career big leagues. 1.   Think through your options Eric Hanhold, a 2012 high school graduate, was drafted by … Read More

Job Search Tip of the Month: Has your confidence gone down?

presented by Dynamic Resumes Job Search is often a time of mixed feelings – anxiety, excitement, stress, panic, relief, frustration and more. During a tough economy, many job seekers have been either searching for a long time and / or out of work for a long time, which adds more emotions to the upheaval.  Many job seekers talk … Read More


I hope everyone is off to a successful 2012 and your first quarter goals are within reach.  Before I get to my main topic for this edition of my ‘President’s Corner’, I want to thank everyone again for helping us celebrate Emerson Personnel Group’s 40th Anniversary.  We recognized this achievement throughout 2011 and ended it with a wonderful celebration with … Read More

Think You Shouldn’t Join LinkedIn? Think again! Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

“Are you on LinkedIn?” How many times have you been asked this question, only to reply with an awkward “no?” A LinkedIn profile is now a part of every professional’s tool kit. With over 150 million members worldwide and growing, it is imperative for you to have a LinkedIn profile to be considered relevant in today’s working world. “I’m not … Read More

Five Tips for Getting Started on LinkedIn

So you have decided to create a LinkedIn profile. Good for you! Often, the hardest part of anything is getting started. Here are some step by step tips to guide you through your profile set up. 1. Let LinkedIn search your email contacts. Right after the initial screen where you input your name, title, company and industry, LinkedIn will search … Read More

Job Search Tip of the Month: Can you be fired for Facebook?

presented by Dynamic Résumés Can you be fired for what you say on Facebook? You betcha……! So how many of you really believe that your Facebook is private? Well, certainly if you have properly set your Facebook privacy controls you should be, right? What is that you say? You haven’t set them up? You don’t know how to? … Read More

Gregg and the Dead Man Walking

Our new recruiter Gregg Podolski is ready to take on anything, even this sandwich Gregg started with Emerson about eight weeks ago and we thought it was time to introduce him. Gregg is a direct hire recruiter focusing on permanent opportunities in Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. His four years recruiting experience for a healthcare staffing firm have provided Gregg … Read More

Job Search Tip of the Month: Networking in surprising places!

presented by Diane Irwin, Dynamic Resumes It is amazing how many opportunities we have to meet new people easily (read “potential job lead connections”) and in the most surprising places. A client of mine, Jennifer, had jury duty this week and was excited to tell me about some networking that fell in her lap that day!  We all … Read More

Emerson Temp to Hire Conversion Rate 75%

In a blog post released today, highlights that “36% of companies will lean on temporary workers to support slim staffs” in 2012. The number of companies relying on temporary workers has risen steadily since 2009.  As the economy slowly recovers, companies need additional staff, but are hesitant to bring on full time employees with benefits. Going the temporary or … Read More