Are you Tapping into the Hidden Job Market? Presented by Dynamic Resumes

Presented by Dynamic Résumés What on earth is the “Hidden Job Market?!” Put simply, it is all the jobs “out there” that are not currently being advertised. There are ALWAYS jobs that are not yet advertised for many reasons – perhaps a manager is awaiting budget approval, or maybe a department is expanding but the manager is not 100% sure … Read More

What Should I Talk About in an Interview? By John Baldino, MSHRD SPHR

What Should I Talk About in an Interview? By John Baldino, MSHRD SPHR For many candidates, the stress of being wanted by an employer is exhausting.  We tweak our resumes, scour the internet for every opening that we might remotely qualify for, and network ourselves silly in the hopes of finding an “in” to our dream job.  And then it … Read More

Emerson Group’s Own Kathy Fitzpatrick Elected Cinnaminson Committeewoman

Emerson Group would like to congratulate our own Kathy Fitzpatrick who was re-elected as Committeewoman for Cinnaminson, NJ on Tuesday, November 5th. Kathy has been serving since 2008 as the Committee Liaison (Director of Administration & Finance) and was the former Mayor of Cinnaminson in 2011. (Read more click here)

Emerson Group’s Facebook Page Hits “500 Likes”

We are very excited that our Emerson Facebook Page has hit the “500 Likes” milestone.  We enjoy using this social outlet to post job listings and useful information every day in the newsfeed.  We feel connected daily to our candidates and clients… and we thank you!

Emerson Group Visits Ronald McDonald House

Emerson Group visited the Ronald McDonald House in Camden last week and prepared and served a meal for the families staying there. It was a wonderful night! If you are considering doing the same, visit their website at

Emerson Group Celebrates National Staffing Employee Week 2013

Emerson Group would like to take this time, during National Staffing Employee Week, to recognize all our staffing employees for their hard work, dedication, and professionalism! We appreciate all you do and you are the stars of our nation’s work force!