In keeping with our Core Purpose of helping others become more successful, below are some of our Preferred Partners we’d personally refer and who we feel align with our Core Purpose and Values.


Nancy E. Sommer, SPHR – Impact Human Capital, LLC  (609) 410-5904

Nancy Sommer HeadshotWith over twenty years of Human Resources Management experience Impact consultants understand our clients first and their issues second.  The Impact approach is impactful without being intrusive.  Consultants take great care to understand your individual, team, and business needs.  Our proven methodologies, programs and passionate support have helped employees and organizations thrive and evolve. Our skills are honed. Our understanding and experience in every facet of the workplace dynamic is proven.  We are an A-list corporate consultancy firm with a track record of results in the ways employees and executives are supported, developed and fostered. Your people are your greatest asset. And we’re robust defenders of keeping that asset from becoming a liability. 

When to Call an Advisor:

  • Concerns with turnover
  • Implementing major change initiatives
  • Seeking to improve business, team and individual performance
  • Formulating new business strategy
  • Implementing tactical plans
  • Organizational restructuring


Deborah E. Watson, SPHR – Watson Consulting  (609) 502-5910
Deb Watson headshot

HR Consulting. Talent Management. Business Strategy. Surge Global llc specializes in building better organizations through HR Consulting. Specifically, we start the conversation by learning about your organization and its goals. We ask questions, we listen and we identify pain points. From there, we find innovative ways to improve programs, processes and people. Through a unique blend of in-house specialists and partnerships with industry experts, Surge Global llc provides business-minded solutions to your most pressing HR challenges. Our diverse team of specialists works collaboratively with each other and your organization, delivering solutions that improve your organization. The positive impact we have on our clients’ bottom lines is a direct result of our unique HR perspective, our deep understanding of our industry and our focus on your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Our team provides:

  • Organizational Transition Strategy and Execution
  • Talent Assessment and Management
  • Leadership Development and Succession Planning
  • Risk Management and Employee Relations Consulting
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Employee Communication and Engagement
  • HR Process Improvement


Steve Emerson, MA – Two Rivers Life Coaching  (856) 905-3529
Steve Emeson on phone Professional Life Coach “If not now, when?”

As owner and sole practitioner of Two Rivers Life Coaching, Steve Emerson, brings over thirty years of combined experience in the fields of counseling, mental health administration, business development and leadership. Two Rivers seeks to work and walk with individuals and groups who are experiencing major transition.  Exceptional listening skills, a high degree of compassion and an uncanny ability to zero-in on what truly defines his clients; Steve specializes in identifying the vision his clients seek and, in a non-directive manner, assists them in their efforts to become the person or group they feel they are being called to be.  Moving through trauma, transition, and life’s challenges toward a vibrant, fulfilling, purpose-driven life is the mission Two Rivers asks their clients to engage in.  People experiencing any of the following are encouraged to reach out for a free consultation:

  •  Recent diagnosis of a life altering illness
  •  Non-fulfilling or non-satisfying employment
  •  Not living the life you have been called to
  •  Individuals/Groups who are “stuck” and need help with goal setting and/or accountability
  •  Spiritual stagnation
  •  Young adults struggling with direction and moving toward independence