Karmae Cipriotti Fahr

LinkedIn Director, Human Resource Recruitment Division

Recruitment expert, business consultant, and executive coach, Karmae Cipriotti Fahr is known for her high standards of professionalism, honest representation, and fast, effective results. Her understanding of business practices stems from being a company creator/owner, executive recruiter and leadership coach. Karmae has dedicated 25 plus years to the staffing industry, and that time has garnered her with the title of the “Recruiter’s Recruiter”. She is called upon to supply key players when the client company needs the position filled right the first time.

During her career, Karmae has worked with a variety of businesses, from start-up organizations, to not-for-profits, to Fortune 500’s. Her reputation and drive for excellence were developed throughout an exemplary career in the search industry where longevity is a rare commodity. She has been called upon to not only fill key positions, but also to consult with leaders on hiring practices, on-boarding, and retention. Additionally, she has developed training modules assisting other professionals with the multiple steps required in the hiring process.

Karmae holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University, has graduated from The Institute for Life Coach Training with a focus in executive coaching and is a certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach from Leadership Coach Academy. She is a founding member of The International Association of Coaches, and a member of Christian Coaches Network International.

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