In ReDISCovering Conflict, attendees will learn that there are predictable patterns and rhythms to how conflict develops, escalates, and gets resolved. By applying the knowledge of the four bird styles, individuals will gain skills to minimize the damaging effects of conflict and turn conflict into productive dialogue. Attendees will discover how to flexibly adapt to others rather than imposing their natural approach to managing conflict on others. They will learn that the secret to effectively dealing with conflict is to be the adaptable chameleon.

ReDISCovering Conflict provides a unique lens through which to view how we work with others. Participants will better understand themselves, their coworkers, and their clients in a way that turns conflict into an opportunity to innovate, make better decisions and build stronger relationships. By understanding how Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls communicate during moments of disagreement, participants will reDISCover Conflict in a whole new way.


Kerry is an expert in personal learning styles and uses this insight to design and deliver programs that are dynamic and offer something for everyone.  As a team building facilitator, she uses the DISC and CARE models to assist clients to increase innovation, improve communication skills across existing teams, to develop healthy working relationships in newly formed teams, and to increase morale for departments and individuals.

As a senior member of the Take Flight Learning staff, Kerry was involved with developing the Taking Flight with DISC Certification program as well as creating several supplemental materials for DISC facilitators.

Kerry has led team building programs across the United States for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, GE, Mars, Rite Aid, Merck, Delta, Boeing, The Department of Homeland Security, The Food and Drug Administration, The American Pharmaceutical Association, Cytec, The Philadelphia Eagles, TD Bank, Fulton Bank, and Rutgers University.



Based on more than two decades of experience with the DISC styles, Take Flight Learning is a spin-off of Team Builders Plus, one of the leading DISC training companies in the Unites States. After training more than 20,000 people in the DISC styles, Merrick Rosenberg breathed new life into this age-old model by linking the styles to the birds in the Taking Flight! fable.

Take Flight Learning will revolutionize how you see yourself and everyone you work with. Through our training programs, you will discover why you click with some, clank with others, and what to do about it. Having grown out of a team building company, we have designed our programs to be highly interactive…and when we say interactive, we mean it!

At Take Flight Learning, engaging participants isn’t just “turn to a partner, discuss a topic and report out in five minutes.” Our programs work because participants will experience the styles in action and learn in a way that is geared towards application and behavior change, not just understanding letters.

Participants will emerge from Take Flight Learning training programs with a wide range of strategies for maximizing their own strengths and an improved ability to recognize the unique contribution each DISC style brings to the workplace.

Hundreds of companies, from small and medium-sized firms to Fortune 100 corporations, have tapped the wisdom of Take Flight Learning to bring out the best in their people at every level.